Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Vespa 946 to be launched in India in Q4 – Piaggio

Italian two-wheeler specialist Piaggio has confirmed bringing its chic Vespa 946 to India. The 946 is a premium, up market automatic scooter which makes a powerful lifestyle statement. This retro-futuristic scooter was first showcased at the 2012 EICMA show to rave reviews from all quarters before Piaggio commenced production.

The 946 is a handmade scooter where minute details like the stitching of the seat and leather palm grips are all hand finished, as is the final coat of polish. The 946 is a sleek looking scooter that houses a handlebar mounted headlight encased within minimal bodywork. The 946 front apron gets a small chromed grill with slender turn indicators on either side.

The handlebar is futuristically crafted and houses the scooter switchgear and rear view mirrors. For instruments the 946 uses a light blue backlit digital display. The seat is a floating single-piece tapered unit. At the rear the 946 uses a round taillight which is flush fitted with this scooter’s body, adding to its retro-futuristic appeal.

The rear of this scooter consists of a number of vents to aid this scooters air-cooled engine. The 946 has been given grey old-school pressed rims which go well with this scooter’s design philosophy. The Vespa 946 uses a Piaggio engineered 125cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder and air-cooled three valve engine.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Simple Steps For Ford Transmission Rebuild

As other vehicles, transmission plays a vital role in ford maintenance. Rebuilding Ford transmission requires neat and organized environment to proceed. Here are some simple steps to help you in ford transmission rebuild.

  • Initially raise the vehicle and support it by the transmission jack. Before you proceed further first drain the transmission fluid.
  • Now disconnect the transmission from the engine slowly and move it to the workbench.
  • Disassemble the transmission parts. Replace all the damaged parts with the new parts from the transmission rebuilt kit. Clean the remaining parts that are not to be replaced.
  • Understand that the torque convertor always needs replacement. So install a new torque converter.
  • Now reattach the rebuilt transmission along with the new torque converter to the vehicle. Finally don’t forget to refill with the suggested transmission fluid.
It is quite natural that with the extensive use, the parts of the car start loosing its performance. if there is any damage in the transmission, then it must checked immediately.  

Monday, 25 March 2013

Forfeit Attention to Signs of Transmission problems

Until there is a major problem, people don’t pay attention to the vehicle’s transmission system. Transmission is the main part of the vehicle and even a minute indication of any problem should be checked out immediately. Usually repairing is easy at the earlier stage and also it requires less time and money.  By chance if you delay in checking the transmission system even after the indications then it may end in necessitate of transmission rebuilt instead of quick and easy fix.
Here are some common indications that should not be ignored:

  • Delayed operation is a notification that should not be ignored. This often happens when the vehicle has been not operated for some time. When the gear is pressed, then the transmission system should act immediately and move the car either forward or backward, depending on the gear chosen. If it delays to move then that must be considered as the indication of problem in the transmission system.
  • Next important factor to be considered is slippage. If the transmission slips then you will put your foot on the gas and the car will not react at all. This also needs abrupt attention. Contact the nearby transmission shops immediately. This will be quite scary when traveling at higher speed.
  • The next issue is the transmission noise. Noise is produced when the transmission parts hit or rub against each other. When the transmission parts strike each other then there are many chances for damage. It is better to replace the substandard part before it damages other parts.
If you consider your car as one of your major procession then pay attention to every small change in your car. The services that are recommended by the manufacturer should be followed in regular intervals to ensure good condition of your car.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

How to preserve your car’s clutch?

Clutch is an essential part of the engine, so its must to maintain your car’s clutch for high performance. Here is the guidelines that would give you an idea of how to maintain your car’s clutch

Cars have numerous clutches among which the transmission clutch is the most significant.

All Clutches in car are self adjusting so you need to apply silicon grease periodically and also lift the clutch pedal up an inch periodically.

Replace the hydraulics fluid in the clutch system, when changing the brake fluid.

It is necessary to check your clutch as they performing major works to run the car.

Replace the drive plates if they are black and obviously blast.

Check the clutch basket and inner clutch for scratches on the sides. If the clutches are severely scratched replace immediately.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Save money by realizing the value of standard Transmission flush

Transmission service is often very expensive. A regular transmission flush can save your money as well as keep your transmission running perfectly.

 A fault in transmission mainly occurs due to contaminated transmission fluid. A regular transmission flush can clean this contamination and refill with a clean fluid.

Transmission fluid plays a major role in keeping your transmission working correctly. A regular transmission flush can keep your transmission fluid clean. Moreover it cost less as compared to replacing your transmission system.

If you have an automatic transmission, check the transmission fluid once in every month, if you have manual transmission then check the transmission fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Common Advantages of Transmission Service

Life of car extends if your car transmission is regularly serviced. In addition to that it also gives you smart and smooth move. Transmission Service may be basic service or major service. Basic service includes changing the transmission fluid, transmission flush and so on. Irregular maintenance of transmission system may leads to major problems.

General Transmission service benefits

This service involves removing the fluid pans, replacing the filter and gasket, and replacing the transmission fluid expands the life of the transmission. Cleaning the lubricant oil may also prevent the transmission replacement.

Next is getting benefit of transmission flush service. The pressure is used to remove off all the old fluid to change the new transmission fluid. This service is also assist in cleaning out the transmission interior parts.

Transmission service must regularly do to check and diagnosis any problems in transmission system. Earlier identification would prevent you from major repairs.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Signs indicating clutch replacement

Many people who own car unknowingly neglects something that let them to spend thousands of dollars. Like other parts in a car clutch also undergoes wear and tear. Understanding the signs that indicate clutch problems earlier will save your pocket as well as your car. Here are the signs that indicate that your clutch needs replacement:

  • Crunching noise when changing gears
  • Vibrating or chattering clutch
  • Burning Smell or Smoke
  • Slipping out of Gear
  • Clutch Sticking