Monday, 29 April 2013

Simple Steps For Ford Transmission Rebuild

As other vehicles, transmission plays a vital role in ford maintenance. Rebuilding Ford transmission requires neat and organized environment to proceed. Here are some simple steps to help you in ford transmission rebuild.

  • Initially raise the vehicle and support it by the transmission jack. Before you proceed further first drain the transmission fluid.
  • Now disconnect the transmission from the engine slowly and move it to the workbench.
  • Disassemble the transmission parts. Replace all the damaged parts with the new parts from the transmission rebuilt kit. Clean the remaining parts that are not to be replaced.
  • Understand that the torque convertor always needs replacement. So install a new torque converter.
  • Now reattach the rebuilt transmission along with the new torque converter to the vehicle. Finally don’t forget to refill with the suggested transmission fluid.
It is quite natural that with the extensive use, the parts of the car start loosing its performance. if there is any damage in the transmission, then it must checked immediately.  

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